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A Million Lilies

Comfort and Confidence for the Modern Mom

Modern Motherhood

With motherhood comes profound transformation of body and identity. Whether you are newly postpartum, or are redeveloping your style, our expertly crafted Lilium dress will empower you through every stage of your unique journey.

Lilium Shirt Dress by A Million Lilies

To Style

Just as there is a diverse array of lilies, so too are there a myriad of beautiful identities among women. At A Million Lilies, we celebrate the unique beauty of each mom's experience much like the variety of lilies that grace the world.

Lilium Shirt Dress by A Million Lilies


As moms, we've walked the challenging path of motherhood, and believe that clothing should exist to help us not hinder us. Whether you're transitioning back to work, navigating the bustling school drop-offs, or exploring the evolution of your identity, our expertly crafted dress is designed to help you in each stage.


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