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A Million Lilies blossoms as a sanctuary for moms, seeking more than just fashion; we crave and seek to provide an empathetic and emotionally empowering experience that delves beyond the ordinary. Our distinguished emphasis on high-quality, responsible materials, unwavering production standards, and versatile designs positions us as custodians of timeless elegance. We celebrate the seasons of life and the remarkable shifts our bodies embrace through the postpartum transition and beyond, capturing a journey of evolution and empowerment. As we unfurl throughout the year, our beautiful garments embody growth, resilience, and the enduring charm of self-expression.


We are seeking moms who are excited to share their stories of postpartum and beyond. We’d love to hear your triumphs and valleys of motherhood, and see how you express your unique perspective through our clothes. When you join our community as an Ambassador, there are stylish perks to sharing.


Christine Youn, the New York City native and fashion designer, embarked on her journey to create A Million Lilies after experiencing the transformative postpartum period following the birth of her first son.

Just like countless new mothers, Christine sought to rediscover her essence and cultivate renewed confidence. She recognized the uniqueness and challenges that postpartum women face and the daunting quest for attire that gracefully adapts to their evolving forms while radiating elegance.

Inspired by her own voyage, Christine dedicated herself to crafting a fashion line that embodies empowerment specifically tailored to the vibrant lives of busy women during this pivotal phase. With an unswerving dedication to crafting exceptional designs using high-quality materials, Christine’s brand mirrors her own odyssey. A Million Lilies stands as a symbol of her commitment to women who, in the midst of their bustling lives, seek to articulate their individuality through fashion, all the while embracing uncompromised comfort.

Where Responsibility
Meets Craftsmanship

At A Million Lilies, we are committed to a responsible fashion journey that embraces biodegradable and circular materials, ethical labor and timeless design with uncompromising craftsmanship. Our garments are more than just clothing; they are a testament to our dedication to a quality and style that stands the test of time.


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